CWC/JILAF Industrial Relations Seminar

2nd CWC/JILAF Seminar

JILAF and Ceylon Workers' Congress (CWC) of Sri Lanka jointly held 3-day seminar on Industrial Relations from July 7 to 9 in Colombo, with 30 participants. The seminar was mainly focused on Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining, and the participants learned various issues important for trade union activities such as [1] Settlement of Labour Dispute, [2] Social Dialogue, [3] Occupational Safety and Health, etc.
We invited Bro. Shoujiro Nishizawa, General Secretary of National Trade Union Productivity Congress (NTUPC) to the seminar and he delivered 2 lectures: [1] Japanese Industrial Relations and Improving Productivity, and [2] Japanese Industrial Relations (Collective Bargaining) and Actual Condition of Labour Management Consultation. He emphasized that union leaders should understand the functions of trade union and recognize the roles and importance of union leaders.

CWC is the national trade union center which organizes Tamil plantation workers. It organizes 75 % of plantation workers in Sri Lanka. Securing plantation workers is important in Sri Lanka since their working environment is pretty severe. Under this condition, educations to union leaders will lead to better industrial relations and working conditions.

CWC recognizes its important to educate junior union leaders and is planning to provide them opportunities for education constantly.


07/07ThuMeeting with CWC
07/08FriSeminar Day 1
07/09SatSeminar Day 2
07/10SunSeminar Day 3
07/11MonMeeting with CWC

Photos of the Participants

Opening Speech by Mr. Marimuttu, Vice President of CWC

Lecture by Mr. Nizhizawa, General Secretary of NTUPC

Group discussion by participants

Participants giving a group presentation

Participants doing physical exercises with Mr. Nishizawa

A Woman participant asking questions in a positive manner