SGRA Project in Bangladesh (January)

A JILAF delegation visited the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka from January 11 (Monday) to 15 (Friday) to hold a workshop jointly with the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network), which is being conducted with grants from the Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare).
The workshop, which was held on January 13, was attended by about 40 members of the Central Roundtable, the Central Working Group, and the Regional Working Groups in the three districts where the project is being implemented (Khulna, Bogra, and Chittagong). The workshop participants took stock of the project’s results, achievements, and issues in fiscal 2015 and confirmed activity policies from now on.
At the beginning of the workshop, President Hussein of the Bangladesh Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-BC) delivered an opening address, and then JILAF Assistant Secretary General Ryo Saito spoke on behalf of the organizers. After expressing gratitude to the ILO, which was jointly sponsoring the workshop, Secretary General Saito stated that “It is really essential that all of you gathered here today engage in activities with a sense of ownership toward the achievement of the project’s goals and its sustained and independent management.” Director Gagan Rajbhandari of the ILO’s Dhaka Office and Secretary-General Farooq Ahmed of the Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF) then gave assessments of the significance and achievements of the SGRA project and expressed their gratitude to JILAF and the Japanese government.
Next, ITUC-BC Secretary General Sirajul Islam spoke about the results and issues of the higher-level calico production training course organized by JILAF, the leather training course organized jointly by JILAF and the Center of Excellence for Leather Skill (COEL), the bridging of existing network members to construction training organized by the ILO, and the SGRA cooperative societies. The workshop participants confirmed these achievements and pledged to further strengthen the project from now on.
ILO coordinator Halun then reported on the participation of 20 existing network members in construction training and explained about future collaboration, and JILAF Assistant Secretary General Saito proposed and confirmed activity policies from now on. The workshop ended with ITUC-BC President Hussein giving a wrap-up of the proceedings.


01/11MonJoint workshop with the ILO

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

Activity report by ITUC-BC Secretary General Sirajul Islam

Report by ILO coordinator Halun