Mongolia Seminar on Labour & Management


"Seminar on Labour & Management" was jointly held by JILAF and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU), 5-7 July, 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with 20 participants. This seminar is mainly focused on making a draft of revising labour laws by CMTU.
In Mongolia, Labour Dispute Settlement Office was introduced by tripartite bodies, labor, management and government, in April 2008, to each aimag in Mongolia and 6 metropolitan districts of Ulaanbaatar City. Various kind of labour disputes have been settled under the system so far. Based on this background, a seminar was held with the theme 1) on labour tribunal system in Japan in FY2008, 2) on both collective and individual labour disputes settlement was held in FY2009, 3) on labour disputes related to dismissal mainly in the informal sector in Mongolia and wage negotiations. In this year, a gram sum seminar was held after our efforts for all these years.
Professor Fujikawa, Aoyama Gakuin University was joined as a resource person and lectured on "the Labour Laws in Japan", "the Japanese system of labour disputes (collective and individual disputes)", with explaining mainly focused on "labour and management system in Japan" and Japanese mechanism to solve labour disputes.
In the seminar, active question and answer sessions were made by the participant such as "the laws on the minimum wage and overtime in Japan" and ""Japanese procedure of revising laws", and "regulations on violating the Labour Standard Acts". Professor Fujikawa made practical advises on the draft, which the participant made in the seminar all together, with explaining its advantage and disadvantage of the Japanese systeme participant. The participants made comments as "we received very useful comments by Professor Fujikawa in the seminar. We would like to utilize this information we learned for this time for making a law reflecting workers voices"


07/05TueSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship
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Action Planning Session by CMTU President Gambaatar