Southeast Asia Team

JILAF invited a total of nine persons (including four women) from nine organizations in six countries and one region in Southeast Asia to visit Japan from June 12 to 25.

The participants engaged enthusiastically in the two-week program, eagerly asking questions and expressing their own opinions at the labour-related lectures and places visited. In particular, they showed a strong interest in such topics as the organizational efforts of Japanese labour unions, the present situation of nonregular workers and support measures for them, and Japan’s labour-management relations and labour-management consultation system.

In the Rengo Toyama program, they held discussions with Rengo Toyama and visited companies engaged in manufacturing in Toyama, as well as the Toyama Prefectural Government Office. At the Hello Work Toyama public employment security office, they learned about employment and unemployment conditions and the employment insurance system in Japan and were able to experience front-line assistance for job seekers at the local level.

At UI Zensen (Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers’ Unions), the participants received an explanation of efforts to organize nonregular workers and women. They also visited the Saitama Plant of Nippon Felt Co., Ltd., which is affiliated with UI Zensen. Here they inspected the process of manufacturing felt for papermaking and engaged in discussions with union members active in the plant about such issues as labour-management relations and industrial health and safety.

At the National Association of Labour Banks, the participants received an explanation of how union members and labour banks mutually support each other and of welfare programs for workers.

Finally, the participants were heard to make such comments as "Participation in the JILAF program was a very valuable experience for me" and "I want to take back what I have learned through the training to my own country and utilize it in my activities from now on."

List of Organization That Cooperated in the Visit

Rengo ToyamaTanaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co. Labour Union
Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.Kokando Co., Ltd.
Toyama Prefectural Government OfficeHello Work Toyama
Hello Work ToyamaNippon Felt Co. Labour Union
Nippon Felt Co., Ltd. (Saitama Plant)National Association of Labour Banks

Many thanks to everyone.

Southeast Asia Team Participants

Confederation of Indonesian Trade Union(CITU)

 PositionVice Secretary
 Union experience5

Konfederasi Serikat Buruh Sejahtera Indonesia(KSBSI)  

2.NameMr.Martua Raja SIREGAR
 Name of organizationFederation of Garment, Crafting, Textile, Leather and Shoes(F Garteks)
 PositionProgram Officer and External Communication staff of KSBSI
 Union experience8

Confederation of the All Indonesian Workers Union (Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia)(KSPSI)

3.NameMr.Ahmad SUPRIADI
 Name of organizationIndonesia Textile,Garment and Leather worker''s union all Indonesia Workers union Tangerang
 Union experience16

Fiji Trades Union Congress(FTUC)  

4.NameMr.Amal PRASAD
 Name of organizationFiji Local Government Officers'' Association
 PositionAssistant Secretary and Vice President in FTUC Youth Wing
 Union experience10

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions(HKCTU )  

5.NameMs.WU Sui Shan
 Name of organizationHong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions(HKCTU)
 PositionOrganization Secretary
 Union experience5

Lao Federation of Trade Unions(LFTU)  

6.NameMs.Chanphen MANISENG
 Name of organizationLao Federation of Trade Union(LFTU)
 PositionDeputy Head of Labour Protection Division
 Union experience15

Malaysian Trades Union Congress(MTUC)  

7.NameMr.Mohd Khir bin MANSOR
 Name of organizationPerodua Workers'' Union
 PositionGeneral Secretary and Vice President of MTUC
 Union experience15

Trade Union Congress of the Philippines(TUCP)  

8.NameMs.Gen Aroa DAILISAN
 Name of organizationPhillippine Seafarers Union(PSU)-ALU-TUCP
 PositionAdministrative Officer
 Union experience29

Timor LesteTrade Union Confederation (TLTUC) 

9.NameMs.Josefa MONIZ PIRES
 Name of organizationMaritime, Energy And Transport Union of Timor LESTE
 PositionMembership Record and Woman Organizer, Member of KSTL Woman Commette
 Union experience5

Photos of Participants

Participants reported on the labour situation in their own countries at the "Exchange of Views on Labour Situation" meeting.

Thinking about peace at the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima

Experience of job vacancy searching at Hello Work Toyama

Visit to Toyama Prefectural Government Office

Visit to Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Discussion with Rengo Toyama Executives

Visit to the National Association of Labour Banks

Visit to the Saitama Plant of Nippon Felt Co., Ltd.

Visit to UI Zensen