SGRA Project in Bangladesh (October)

On October 25 JILAF held the 2nd Central Roundtable Meeting and the 3rd Central Working Group Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from the perspective of improving and uplifting the livelihoods of local network members (informal-sector workers and their families who do not receive public support) and further strengthening independent and autonomous project management by the Bangladeshi government, labour, and management and the International Labour Organization (ILO).
At the meetings the participants confirmed the achievements of vocational training and the state of activities of mutual-aid organizations and also considered the future direction of the project. Regarding vocational training, it was reported that 18 members had completed the higher-level calico production training course organized by JILAF, 20 members had completed the construction training course organized by the ILO, and 13 members had completed the leather training course organized jointly by JILAF and the Center of Excellence for Leather Skill (COEL).
It was also reported that the SGRA cooperative society (shomobae shomitee) in the Rajshahi district, which has 350 members, is jointly purchasing and managing land for rice cultivation and irrigation water and has begun activities to return proceeds gained through the sale of rice to members. In the next few months members are scheduled to open a shop for the sale of jointly produced garments and fabrics.
The 150-member cooperative society in Khulna, it was reported, is contributing substantially to the peace of mind and stability of local residents through the sale of cultivated prawns and livestock cattle and mutual assistance, including the fostering of orphans and provision of fire condolence money.
In Chittagong, meanwhile, the official registration of an SGRA cooperative society is scheduled to be completed during the current fiscal year.
During the visit, calico products produced by participants, such as scarves, were introduced at the Central Roundtable meeting. Some were also exhibited at the Global Festa Japan 2015 international cooperation event in Tokyo.


10/25SunCentral Roundtable and Central Working Group Meetings

Photos of the Participants

Scene of the Central Roundtable meeting

Example of calico production (1)

Example of calico production (2)

Scene of the Central Working Group meeting

The Khulna cooperative society presents a cow to poor members

Demonstration on National Cooperatives Day (November 7)