INTUC/JILAF POSITIVE Seminar on "Core-trainers Training"

POSITIVE Seminar on "Core-trainers Training (CTT)" was jointly held by Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and JILAF on July 5 - 9, 2011 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (T.N.) state, with 27 participants.
Program of the seminar was consisted of mainly 1) Review of POSITIVE Program, 2) Role of POSITIVE Trainer, 3) Interim Report of Factory Activity, 4) Rehearsal of 1-day Seminar.
In the opening ceremony, Mr. D. Ramanandam, Senior Manager-corporate HR, Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited, said "Occupational Safety and Health Activity should be normally responsible for managements. However their approaches are not so active in regard to this issue. On that point, it is meaningful that trade unions address OSH activity."
In the session of Interim Report at Factory Activity, we recognized that the project has been going well because participants showed 50 reports in total after TOT seminar in May. In the session of Rehearsal of 1-day seminar, we are expecting that participants will implement good 1-day seminar at their respective factory because they showed us good exercise by using POSITIVE 1-day manual.
Finally Bro. V. R. Jaganathan, POSITIVE project coordinator concluded with a comment that "Participants showed us the greatest performance ever in this seminar as far as I experienced in my workers’ educational activities."

Photos of the Participants

Opening speech by Bro. R. Audikesavan, General Secretary of T.N. INTUC

Lecture on Role of POSITIVE Trainer by Bro. Toru Yoshikawa, POSITIVE expert

Session of Interim Report at Factory Activity

Rehearsal of 1-day seminar

Action Planning for 1-day seminar

Group photo with all participants