INTUC/JILAF POSITIVE Seminar on "Training of Trainers"

POSITIVE Seminar on "Training of Trainers (TOT)" was jointly held by Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and JILAF on May 8 - 11, 2011 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (T.N.) state, with 29 participants.
This project is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is aimed at improving working environment at 13 factories in Coimbatore by developing POSITIVE Trainers. The project is consisted of 1) 4-days TOT seminar, 2) 4-days CTT (Core-Trainers’ Training) seminar, 3) 1-day seminar at 13 factories, and 4) 3-days Evaluation seminar.
In the opening ceremony, T.N. INTUC President Bro. Shri G. Kalan said "I appreciate INTUC and JILAF jointly organized this Occupational Safety and Health Seminar in T.N. state. We recognized the significance which trade unions shall strengthen occupational safety and health activities in this continuously developing India. Hence we welcome practical basic training of trainers very much."
4-day seminar was consisted of mainly 1) Factory Visit and Action Check List Exercise, 2)POSITIVE Activities in Asian Countries, 3)Activities of JTUC-RENGO on earthquake victims and 4) 6 Technical Areas. Finally the participants made "Development of the final proposals".
This was the first time to introduce POSITIVE Program in India, but the seminar was successfully over through good cooperation by implementing organization T.N. INTUC, INTUC headquarters, managements, and the local government.

Photos of the Participants

Opening speech by Bro. Shri G. Kalan, T.N. INTUC President

Action Checklist Exercise

Group Discussion on "Welfare Facilities"

Group Presentation on "Physical Environment"

Comments from Management on Final Proposal

Group photo with all participants