Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship in Bangladesh

Mock Collective Bargaining Session

"Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship" was jointly held by JILAF and ITUC-Bangladesh Council (ITUC-BC), 10-12 February, 2011 in Chittagong, Bangladesh with 36 participants. ITUC-BC has 6 national centers of trade union organizations in Bangladesh and a coordinator from each organisation participates as a facilitator for the seminar; they play significant roles to organise the seminar smoothly.
In the opening ceremony, Mr. Shafiel Islam, the secretariat of ITUC-BC, National Coordinator of BJSD, made an opening speech as "the labour laws was revised in 2006. It would be an important opportunity for you as trade union leaders to learn. For developing trade unions activities, trade union leaders should stand on an equal footing with the management. You should make good use of this opportunity of learning Japanese experience to let union members know this information in order to strengthen our trade union activities.
In the program, JILAF had sessions on "Workers’ Welfare Activity in Japan" and "Mock Collective Bargaining". In the session, the participants made practical training on Collective Bargaining.
From ITUC-BC, the sessions on "workers’ right from the point of views of labour laws", "Social Security system in Bangladesh" and "Collective Bargaining" were made.
The participant made comments as "we learned about the labour related laws and now we understand that we need the knowledge to negotiate with the management." and we would like to have this kind of study group or seminar so that younger trade leader also join and have a opportunity to understand the laws.


06/10FriSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship
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Opening Ceremony



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