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2011 RENGO Central Women's Assembly
The 2011 RENGO Central Women's Assembly was held in Tokyo on October 28 under the theme of "Let's realize gender equality in all areas!" About 1,000 women representatives from affiliated organizations participated in the event. In addition, the members of Africa Team that was visiting Japan at the time under JILAF's invitation program also attended the assembly and learned about RENGO's efforts to achieve gender equality.
At the beginning, speaking on behalf of the organizers, RENGO President Nobuaki Koga declared, "Japan is lagging behind other countries in terms of gender equality. Gender disparities still exist, and the strength of women is not being utilized. We must promote gender equality in all areas and make efforts to correct the disparities."
Speaking as the government representative, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Yoko Komiyama then stated with determination, "As the phenomena of aging and the low birthrate advance, the energy of women will be important for building the future society. The government will firmly endeavor to formulate systems in order to widen the scope of women's activities."
Next, as keynote recommendations, RENGO Assistant General Secretary Mutsuko Takahashi made proposals toward the promotion of gender equality by RENGO, including (1) investigating the present condition of women workers and issues, (2) realizing a sustainable society, (3) building workplaces that ensure a work-life balance, (4) promoting gender equality in all areas, and (5) cooperating with women's movements in Japan and overseas.
Following these speeches, there was a lecture meeting titled "The most important issue of the 21st century: the present state of gender equality and problems" and a talk show on the theme of "Aiming to achieve gender equality in all areas." Through this lecture meeting and talk show, the participants as a whole confirmed their hope, as labour unionists, for the further progress of this campaign.
Finally, the assembly ended with the unanimous adoption of the 2011 RENGO Central Women's Assembly Appeal.

2011 RENGO Central Women's Assembly Appeal

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