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RENGO Joins ITUC Action Day for Democracy in Egypt
Demands Democratic Trade Union Movement and Guarantee of Workers' Rights in Egypt to Egyptian Ambassador in Tokyo

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), designated February 8 as a "Day of Action for Democracy in Egypt" at its 8th General Council meeting held on February 2-4 in Brussels. The ITUC requested all affiliates to organize demonstrations outside Egyptian embassies to demand a democratic transition in Egypt and to press their governments to exert maximum international pressure for a democratic transition in that country.

Responding to the call, RENGO representatives visited the Egyptian Embassy in Tokyo on February 8, where they met with Ambassador Dr. Walid Mahmoud Abdelnasser in his office. In the meeting, the RENGO representatives expressed condolences to victims of the violent repression of legitimate protest actions in Egypt and handed over a letter in which RENGO strongly demanded that the Egyptian government listen seriously to the voices of the people and guarantee workers' rights and independent trade unions in Egypt. RENGO also insisted that those responsible for ordering the physical attacks must be brought to trial and cannot remain unpunished.

According to the ITUC News dated February 8, on that day similar demonstrations were organized in many countries around the world by trade unions affiliated to the ITUC to demand democracy in Egypt.

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