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RENGO Holds 2010 Central Women's Assembly

Member of the East European team who visiting Japan in JILAF's Invitation Program attended the 2010 Rengo Central Women's Assembly in Tokyo on October 22 and 23 under the main theme of "Let's steadily promote gender equality through action by everyone!" About 800 people from member organizations participated.
First of all, addressing the assembly on behalf of the organizers, RENGO President Nobuaki Koga said, "Regarding the working environment of women, workplace and social problems, such as the increase of nonregular labour, disparities between men and women, and sexual harassment, are continuing. Furthermore, this situation exerts an impact on the working environment as a whole, such as long working hours for men. We have to recognize that changing the working environment of women will lead to changes in the working environment for men as well."
Addressing the assembly as a special guest from overseas, Ms. Kim Su-ni, head of the Gender Equality Bureau of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU), remarked, "In the international community, the reality is that gender equality is lagging in Japan and Korea. In order to change this situation, it is important for trade unions in our countries to engage in exchange, identify issues, and take joint action to solve them." In
In order to deepen understanding of gender equality issues, the assembly then divided into subcommittees, which discussed such topics as joint action for gender equality in Japan and Korea, correction of the disparities in working conditions between men and women, promotion of the equal and balanced treatment of nonregular workers and their organization, realization of a work-life balance for men and women, and aiming for workplaces and a society free of discrimination against women. 

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