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RENGO Campaigns for Early Passage of Bill to Revise Worker Dispatch Law

On October 6 RENGO held a meeting of its Central Committee in Tokyo and adopted a special appeal calling for the passage of a bill to revise the Worker Dispatch Law as soon as possible and definitely in the current extraordinary session of the Diet. The Central Committee is a decision-making body of RENGO, next to its convention, comprising representatives from affiliates and local branches.

On October 25 RENGO also held a rally in a meeting room of the Diet members' office building in Tokyo with about 300 participants urging Diet members to make efforts for the early passage of the bill. The slogan of the rally was "Let's realize a revision of the Worker Dispatch Law!" Representatives of the ruling and opposition parties who attended the rally expressed their determination to move forward with the bill.

In both the special appeal and the rally it was stressed that under the present Worker Dispatch Law (revised in 2004) deregulation of the labour market has been promoted in the name of reform of the labour market or reform of various types of work, causing serious problems to many dispatched workers. It was also emphasized that in addition to illegal dispatches and so-called disguised dispatches, especially after the Lehman shock in the autumn of 2008 the abrupt termination of dispatch contracts has occurred in many workplaces. As well as the frequent termination of employment and the poor conditions of dispatch workers, the lack of a safety net has also emerged as a major social problem.

RENGO has campaigned for revision of the problematic Worker Dispatch Law, and a bill to revise the law was submitted to the ordinary session of the Diet in the spring of this year. Deliberation was carried over to the current extraordinary session of the Diet, but the bill has still not been passed.

RENGO argues that now that a change of government has been realized, the worker dispatch system should be changed to strengthen the protection of dispatch workers and their job security. It insists that the bill to revise the law must be passed as soon as possible.

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