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No.4 (2009/10/21)
Former Secretary General of JTUC-RENGO joins reform body to cut wasteful spending

Tadayoshi Kusano,
former Secretary General

Member of the Government Revitalization Unit

The government appointed former secretary general of Rengo, Tadayoshi Kusano to serve on one of its key bodies which is tasked with eliminating wasteful spending of tax payers' money.
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will head the body, dubbed the Government Revitalization Unit which consists of 11 members; six lawmakers and five representatives of the private sector, and Administrative Renewal Minister Yoshito Sengoku will serve as deputy chief. Four other Cabinet members, including Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan will also join the unit.
In addition to Kusano, four other persons were appointed from the private sector; Kyocera Corp. Honorary Chairman Kazuo Inamori, Kikkoman Corp. Chairman Yuzaburo Mogi, Former Tottori Gov. Yoshihiro Katayama, and Hideki Kato who heads a think tank called Kosonippon. Kato will serve as chief of the unit's secretariat. The Government Revitalization Unit and the National Strategy Office are two key bodies of the Hatoyama Cabinet, which is shooting for shifting decision-making responsibility from bureaucrats to politicians

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