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No.3 (2009/10/13)
Campaign to collect 10 million signatures to abolish nuclear arms
JTUC-RENGO has begun to stand on streets all over the country, gathering signatures on a petition to abolish nuclear arms. The campaigns have been conducted in cooperation with the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and the National Council for Peace and Against Nuclear Weapons.
The goal is to collect 10 million signatures to be brought to the upcoming meeting to re-examine the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) held in 2010.
On Oct. 1st, Rengo President Takagi stood on the street in front of Shinjuku JR station in Tokyo, calling for signatures.
Takagi directly appealed to passers-by "There are more than 21,000 nuclear warheads all over the world and human beings are always under the threat of nuclear weapons. We are working on gathering 10million signatures which will be submitted to the Japanese government and the United Nations. The enormous quantity of signatures will help advance the NTP. Thank you for your cooperation"
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